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9 August 1990
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The name's Fern. Originally from Seattle, I'm currently attending university in a state with more cows than people. If I had my way, I would study ALL THE THINGS. As it is, I'm settling for journalism and political science.

I like to think I'm a terribly classy lady. Then I remember the sheer amount of time I spend watching cheesy sci-fi, and the fact that my knee-jerk reaction to most statements is "your mom."

I love music of all kinds, read whatever I can whenever possible, and make things when the fancy strikes me. Some of these things turn out nicely. Most of them turn out a little questionable, but I try to roll with it anyway. I've made peace with the fact that it's not a craft project unless Something's Gone Wrong.

Also, I seem to be acquiring new television shows at an alarming rate. Currently, I'm quite taken with Doctor Who, Torchwood, and The Mighty Boosh. I'm sure my thirteen-year-old self would disapprove of the amount of TV I watch, but she also thought that wearing the same goth skirt five times a week was a pretty good idea, so I'd take her criticism with a grain of salt.

My journal is semi-flocked, but I love new friends and will almost certainly add you back if you ask nicely (or even if you just friend me without comment, if that's more your bag). I like to think that I'm the sort of person who updates diligently, but that's really only true given a highly creative definition of the word "diligently." I do check my flist all the damn time, though, so know that I am reading your entries, even if I don't always comment.

Oh, and: I abuse hyphens, em dashes, Oxford commas, and semicolons with relish. Just a warning. Mine is a daring life.

New friends can learn more about me here.
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